Helping Event Planners Since 1992

No More Worrying. Event Planners came to us with their problems and we solved the challenges of moving large groups of people. Event planners can now use their time to plan their event content, and leave all the time-consuming transportation logistics to us. That means no more worrying about people waiting too long for their shuttle, or people getting stuck on the bus in a bottleneck. No more delaying general session start times because people could not get to the event on time. No more worrying about having your event shut down by the Fire Marshal or State Inspector. No more worrying about why your buses are not showing up, or why they maxed out on driving hours before they finished moving your people. We make transportation easy for you, so you can focus on the reason people are coming to your event.

We Travel With You. We did such a good job for our clients that they have asked us to travel with them to their other event destinations nationwide and internationally. We consistently save our clients money by providing the same structure and organized transportation that they're used to. No more getting gouged from transportation companies and DMC's because they think you're just a one time piece of business. We negotiate hard to save you money, and will even send you a rebate if we secure additional savings!

Completely Debt-Free Operations. We are completely debt free, which means your event transportation will never go bankrupt or cancel because someone hasn't been paid. Because we have a company emergency fund, we were able to execute our backup plan on two occasions when a major bus vendor declared bankruptcy mid event. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can save you money and deliver perfect transportation for your event.

    Large Group Shuttles

  • Convention centers to hotels
  • Airport to hotels
  • Corporate tours, warehouse tours, farm tours
  • Concerts
  • Sports tournaments
  • Offsite special events

    Passing All Event Inspections

  • Traffic planning with UDOT and alternate routing
  • Mass gathering permits, local area canvassing notice

  • Meeting all permit requirements for restrooms, water stations, sanitation plan
  • Filing all fire safety controls and event access details
  • ADA compliance and required accessibility options
  • Local traffic permits, DOT permits, police-traffic support

    Ensuring a Successful Event

  • Always within budget, no surprise costs, no unexpected fees
  • Backup plans for when bus companies cancel last minute or go bankrupt
  • Detailed coordination with all drivers so they know when and where to be
  • Backup transportation on standby for when buses break down
  • Drivers always have sufficient "clock time" to ensure they don't stop driving mid service
  • Coordinators to take care of driver housing and making sure they don't oversleep

Our Guiding Ethics

1. Integrity in all areas of business. We are honest in even the small things. We will be the first to point out if we were under charged by a partner, or if they overlooked something that we should've paid for.

2. Our industry partners are the reason for our success. We treat them with respect, commitment, and honesty.

3. Pursue personal growth and individual creativity. We value our team members' individual talents and gifts. We strive to create a culture that allows for these areas to grow and thrive.

4. Teamwork success is greater than individual success

5. Positive Work Environment - We create this environment by practicing mutual respect, sharing in each other's successes, and learning from our mistakes. When a mistake is made, we don't point fingers, but rather try to learn how to avoid that same mistake in the future. We like to call our first mistakes "tuition."

6. Passion for the business - This is not just a job, but our passion. Each team member enjoys the industry, values the customer, and seeks high level of quality.

7. Time Balance - We strive to balance our work life with our family/personal lives. We encourage our team members to get their projects completed during a reasonable work day and then to leave to attend to more important things outside the office. There will be times of longer days or deadlines, but we hope those are few and far between.

8. Open communication - We value opinions, withhold judgment, and resolve areas of concern.

9. Operate debt free with a little money set aside for a rainy day. Responsible financial management is at the core of our decision making for all areas of our business.

10. Gossip-free culture. We take it seriously to avoid a gossip-free culture by handing our complaints or concerns upward. Only a higher level manager has the power to change or fix the complaint. Any complaints or concerns passed sideways to a fellow team member is considered gossip and is not tolerated. By communicating these expectations regularly, we are able to maintain a culture of respect, creativity, and enthusiasm