Event Transportation Made Easy

We manage large group shuttles for all of your events, conventions, and airport-hotel transfers.

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Let Us Take the Wheel

We coordinate with all drivers on your behalf, ensuring that everyone gets to where they need to be.

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Stress-Free Service

You can rest assured knowing that for every careful plan we make, there's a back-up plan behind it.

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Always On Time

Our innovative systems allow us to move 8,000 people every 8 minutes, 30,000 people every hour.

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Helping Event Planners with Transportation

We help Event Planners manage all of the transportation details for your event. We pre-plan the routes, study possible problem areas, test run the routes, and then execute a flawless shuttle plan. We will ensure that your attendees will never be stuck for long periods of time waiting for a shuttle, or waiting on the bus to be dropped off. We are successful when your attendees have an efficient and pleasant shuttle ride, and aren't left wondering what they're missing.

We regularly handle events in Anaheim, Chicago, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Maui, Miami, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Seattle, and have a long resume of handling events in almost every major city in the US. Internationally, we have also managed transportation for events in Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Fiji, Italy, Korea, and France. Our Convention and Visitor's Bureaus and and corporate clients have come to rely on our consistent level of smooth-running transportation.

Transportation Management Made Easy

Large Group Shuttles

Complete shuttle management for your event, convention, concert, or emergency evacuation.

  • Convention Center to Hotels
  • Concert or Special Events
  • Group Tours
  • Emergency Evacuation
Ground Logistics

We handle everything so you don't have to.

  • Traffic Planning and Alternate Routing
  • Efficient Loading Zones (Capacity of 1400 people every 8 Minutes - 30,000/hour From Single Location)
  • ADA and VIP Transportation
  • Gated lines, tenting, water stations, cones
  • Safety director, directional staff, line control
  • Local traffic permits, DOT permits, police traffic support
Comprehensive Care

Our job isn't done when we arrange transportation, it's done when everyone involved has a great experience.

  • Always fair and reasonable with our transportation partners
  • Always generous with our drivers and support staff
  • Always flexible with changes
  • Always attentive to detail
  • Always prepared for the unexpected

Complete Transportation Management

Shuttle Planning. We specialize in designing, planning and executing transportation programs for trade shows and conventions.

Ground Equipment. We will create the layout for all ground equipment and street signage, as well as obtain permits for any street equipment and traffic diversions.

Safe And Fast Loading Systems. We load mutliple buses simultaneously to ensure short wait times and efficient movement for your large event.

Emergency Evacuation Services. Providing city, state and federal transportation management for training exercises or actual large scale evacuations.

Budgeting and Cost Savings

We know how expensive running an event can be. That's why we stay within your transportation budget, every time.

Planning and Logistics

We will present you with a master transportation plan that includes everything from routes, permits, and buses to staffing and emergency procedures.

Ground Equipment

We make sure the routes and loading zones have all of the required equipment, including an office, line gates, portable restrooms, road signs, and proper lighting.

Complete Staffing

Our transportation supervisors will train all of the onsite staff. We regularly receive complements for the friendly, helpful, and organized nature of our staff.

Event Shuttles

We will plan your shuttles from the convention center to hotels, stadiums, and other offsite venues.

Dine Around Shuttles

If you need to move hundreds of people to restaurants all around, we will create an efficient system to get your people in and out with no waiting.

Public Events & Festivals

Shuttle from designated parking lots to the event venue.

Emergency Evacuations

We are experienced with coordinating large scale evacuations, off line/non-cell tower communications, and emergency transportation management.

Mass Gathering Requirements

Mass Gathering Permits
We make sure you're not caught off guard by local and state officials conducting an inspection of your large group loading zone. We take care of all permits and receive proper approvals well in advance of your event.

Onsite EMT and Medical
The event plan we design for you will meet all state and county requirements, including an onsite EMT, signate, rest area, and proper staffing.

Road plates for low clearance
We make sure there are no surprises for large buses traveling on any terrain or road way.

Portable restrooms & Water Stations
We handle all the equipment required for mass gathering permits, including portable restrooms and wash stations, garbage cans, and water stations.

Large Group Transportation
Made Simple

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